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AM In Your Head All Day

When this first came out, I was in my freshman year of college and my ‘serious music’ roommate labeled it hardcore “cheese” (this coming from a guy who thought Morrissey was the pinnacle of music), but I still caught him mouthing the lyrics since I played it *a lot* on my dorm floor:


I know I’m gonna revive
When I am…on the road.
I’ve got nowhere to hide
When I am…on the road.
And there’s no use in wondering what
Made you feel like parting from me then, girl.
How many more tears must I shed
So as to melt the frigid wall of time?

So I’m gonna break it
Have no fear…on the road.
You know I’m sure to make it
No matter what’s…on the road.

I know too well it’s very hard
It’s just barking for the silver moon.
But I don’t care how long it takes,
As long as she lights up my way in the gloom

Until the very moment
When I see you again,
I’ll keep speeding along the road to the sun,
The burning sun!

Hear the roars of my car,
I’m nearly round the bend,
Searching for the love that we did share.
There’s no one who can stop me now.

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