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Friday “Nice”

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week: Friday! But, in addition to that, we have Friday “Nice”! (Or, depending on your whereabouts, Rule 5 Sunday.)

First off, as usual, we ladle out some cute to keep the peace with McFly (hi Kate!) of the world to savor before going long and deep on the more debauched aspects of this day of days:

give me 5...tacos
Would you like fries with that?

lemur (?) on your finger!
Dude, you might want to get that looked at…

Outside of walking out on the roof and spotting a social life, this is about the last thing I’d ever expect to see:

And now for the main event:

Bayonetta by Playboy??
Bayonetta as imagined by Playboy. Really.

Gotta Poke 'Em All
Gotta poke catch ’em all.

Friday Mai
Friday (2P) Mai.

Don't know, don't care, doesn't matter.
Don’t know, don’t care, doesn’t matter.

Supergirl in vinyl: what's not to like?
Supergirl in vinyl–what’s not to like?

Rule 5 Bonus Babes

riding the dunes
foursomes awesome


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