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Around the Sidebar in 120 Seconds

Sh*t in woods; pee in urinals

It’s a very slow, very lazy, recharge the batteries (after toiling in the fields) Saturday, so I’m going to keep playing Ivy the Kiwi? and Dark Void Zero while you check out what’s going on ’round the neighborhood:

*New sidebar denizen, ❤ Yen, talks about…recyclables?? OK, well, normally he posts the kind of things that make insane people question the sanity of the Japanese, but, well, there you go.
*Arcade Heroes comes up with something else really cool: a sorta-kinda update on Atari’s classic coin-op, Warlords…but different.
*ManekiNeko comments on recent goings-on down at the Legion of Doom.
*Jack at iatm breaks out the bat (what? You expected maybe hugs and kisses?) for MS’ latest debacle.
*KoG is still rambling about Ketsui, since he hasn’t updated in a few days, but it’s still worth a read if you have lots of free time.
*P2P has a ‘Best of Chip’ highlight which (I think) is a recurring feature going forward–now if he’d just make sure to pingback, everyone would walk away happy. (Although, word has it he’s starting Heavy Rain tonight, so it’s likely going to be cloudy with a high chance of incredulity at Fei’s place.)
*The Arch Nerd puts on his dour, Canadian, hat and boards the express train to Downerville, population…us.
*Demonstrating that we, in the States, have no monopoly on buffoonish politicians/media personalities/demagogues, The Wanderer checks in with a dispatch from south of the border.
*Thoughts of Fei is still rocking a post from last Sunday! Get on that sh*t, son!
*And Winkery Knight, the man that puts the bore in boredom, graces us with a post on nationalized daycare. But wait! It gets more boring: in Canada. *Swallows bullet*.

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  1. 05/01/2010 at 18:47

    Heeey! I just now posted something new! And, this is embarrassing for someone who does technical crap for a living, I actually don’t know how to pingback, lol. I’ll look into it. 🙂

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