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Star Fox. In HD. Read This Now.

You won’t be needing that blaster where we’re going, Fox

If Nintendo won’t give it to us, it looks like someone else will:

This project is a fan made standalone game that runs on the FreeSpace Open engine. It is not a mod since you do not need FreeSpace in order to run it. Shadows of Lylat is not for any console system, and we are not affiliated by Nintendo, Argonaut Software, Namco, Q-Games, or anyone else terribly important. To play it, all you will need is a fairly recent computer system. Exact system requirements aren’t set yet, but they shouldn’t be that bad.


*Next-gen graphics
*Massive enemies
*Space and ground based missions
*Compaign and Coop mode
*Huge multiplayer wars
*A deep storyline
And much more!

Here’s a few shots of those “Next-gen graphics”:

Yes, I think these count as “next-gen”

The only downside (and it isn’t much of one for me) is:

Is it going to be just like Star Fox?

No. Star Fox is more of an arcade shooter, while Freespace is a simulation shooter. While the SCP allows us to do many awesome things, we won’t be able to get it just like the original games.

So it’s basically a hybrid Freespace/Star Fox game which sounds about as good as a late night ‘meeting’ with Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson1 and I got dibs on being in the middle.

And now some videos (keep a pair of clean shorts handy):



Now. (Please.)

h/t: Pixel Prospector

1 To play NSMB Wii. Why? What were you thinking?

  1. 05/01/2010 at 20:08

    This looks like a great play during lunch break game at work! I’ll check it out.

  2. 05/02/2010 at 20:25

    You aren’t the only gamer asking for a new iteration in an old franchise. I recently wrote an article about how the Wii could totally carry Shin Megami Tensei into the public eye.

  3. 05/04/2010 at 04:20


    Yet another reason to buy an updated computer. Man, Nintendo should have been on this ages ago.

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