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The NES Gets a Bad Case of Castleroids

Get them some Preparation H(ack), STAT!

Famous1 ROM hacker Chris Lincoln has two hot new Castlevania hacks, the more important of which is a full-blown Metroidvania2 on NES:

The Castlevania 3 hack, called “Cadence of Agony” has been in the works since 2008, though work has slowed since mid 2009. Rather than being a “start to finish” game like the original Dracula’s Curse this game is a Symphony of the Night style “Metrovania”, and the vast majority of the work making this game being able to support this mode of gameplay has been done. A lot of the graphics and music have been done as well. All that remains is the game itself, which is freaking massive. I really want the project finished, but because of the sheer magnitude of this project, it could still be a couple of years before it’s completed.

The other game is a remake of Simon’s Quest (made from Simon’s Quest), a project I joined few months ago mainly to take a break from the other game. The goal here is to make an improvement of the original game, make it a more exciting, less annoying new Castlevania 2 experience. It most likely won’t be anything near the technical achievement that the CV3 game is, but I feel it could still be just as epic of a game.

There’s also this Simon’s Quest thing, something I’ll believe when I see. (I really don’t care for the original, not now, not when it was new, likely not ever.)

Here’s some video:

I’ll say this much: the Simon’s Quest hack looks a lot better than the original

And you can get the WIP soundtracks here (for both), for all the chiptune fanatics.

h/t: Original Sound Version

1 It’s all relative–in this case relative to other famous ROM hackers. (No, I can’t name any.)
2 “Castleroid” and “Metroidvania” are portmanteaus of Castlevania and Metroid, referencing the design of the Symphony of the Night and beyond games in the series that more resemble Metroid than classical Castelvania in execution.

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