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The Precise Moment Sega Began to Lose Their Sh*t

I’m sure you’ve all seen parts of this video before, but have you ever seen it all in one, mind-shattering, clip:

Four words: trying way too hard. Twenty-six more: a bald chick with rings around her head? Really?? This is the best that the ad firm behind the brilliant SEGA! campaign could come up with??

Now I’m still a firm believer that the 32X was the true beginning of the end of Sega’s miracle, Nintendo-smashing, run, but this video makes a strong argument for itself being the exclamation point on that self-destructive foray into console-making oblivion.1

1 I LOVED the Dreamcast but it was, basically, one of the bosses from Drac X: just when you thinks it’s dead, whoa!, it’s not quite entirely dead–that, in a nutshell, was the Dreamcast coming off the Saturn, a furious, desperate, last-ditch, super-awesome attack that, ultimately, Richter (played here by the general public) sidestepped completely.

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