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Sparks(ter) Will Fly May 12th

Yeah, you wish it looked this good

Rocket Knight returns soon for $15 on 360, PS3 and PC (the lack of a Wii version seems to be a very, very odd omission for this game in particular):

In Rocket Knight, players assume the role of Sparkster, a heroic opossum who returns home to the Kingdom of Zephyrus after 15 years only to discover that wolves have attacked his homeland. Rocket Knight introduces expansive new worlds to the franchise, with massive platform levels as well as rocket-flying levels. Using their wits and a trusty rocket pack, players must overcome the hostile wolf army aiming to attack Sparkster’s beloved kingdom.

Sounds lovely–here’s hoping they didn’t completely f*ck it up, though the kinda lifeless, puppet-like1, graphics built on Platform Game Designer Pro MAXTM don’t inspire hope in the early going (and, man, the music–do NOT screw up the music, Climax!):


And here’s some video for those of you that have been in hibernation for the past six months (which continues to not inspire):

1 Where are my sprites and parallax, damn you!

  1. 05/04/2010 at 20:15

    I guess I should take this as a good excuse to play the original. It’s eluded me all these year… I’m not sure why.

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