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It’s Exceedingly Difficult to Believe These Words Came From George Lucas

Yoda InsideTM (cue Intel jingle in Yoda’s voice)

This has got to be a paraphrase or apocryphal–there is NO other explanation1:

I just spent the last half hour talking to you about the importance of characters talking to each other, and you pitch me a game idea where the main character can’t talk?

Three thoughts race to mind, at lightspeed:

1. Where the F*CK was this George Lucas when Episode 1-3 were being scripted/shot, where the average cardboard cutout (or Lindsey Lohan, but I repeat myself) had more personality than the one-dimensional, three-dimensional2, cartoon characters he put to celluloid3.

2. This makes…sense. God help us all, it makes sense. And it came from the maw of the Neckbeard, whose creative ability has been suffering, in a pit of sycophancy, for a thousand years couple of decades–it’s only now, at the end, that he truly understands the power of…character.

3. He’s got the notion of character down somewhat well, but I think irony might forever be beyond him.

1 I’d also accept that he was freebasing coke or had just finished viewing the remake of The Clash of the Titans, a terrible film that, for all its faults, is still more watchable than anything Lucas has done since…the third Indy film.
2 At least in 3D Studio MAX.
3 I know, I know: it was shot digitally, but “put to ones and zeros” sounds about as awkward as you…zero.

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