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Max & the Magic Marker Creator Danes to Speak About It

Is ginger one of the colors in Crayola’s misfits and rejects pack?

Another interview1, this one pseudo-timely! (If you live in Europe, since we’ve had the game for a good little while now):

AR: Were there any problems squeezing everything in with the 43MB limit? Is there anything you left out that you can talk openly about?

OT: Building for the Nintendo format has been a challenge for us, being a fairly inexperienced team, and of course we have had to adjust the game to the platform and the limitations of it. But it is very hard to point at something specific and say that it would have been different.

I actually got this on PC and not WiiWare, but it is charming and fun, especially for the relatively low asking price. (I’d also imagine it plays slightly more precisely on PC w/ a mouse than a Wiimote, so take that into consideration before plunking down.)

1 I use the word “interview” in the loosest sense since, as per standard game journo operating procedure, this appears to be a list of questions emailed to the interviewee rather than a 1-on-1 chat.

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