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New to Me, Maybe Not to You

It’s not the best game, but the soundtrack is solid

Here’s a brief interview with Hitoshi Sakimoto, conducted around the time Opoona came out on Wii:

Jayson: Opoona appears to be one of the most quirky titles that you’ve worked on, and the score seems to be upbeat and playful. Tell us a bit about how the unique visuals and storyline factored into your compositions for the title.

Sakimoto: When I saw the designs for Opoona, I was really impressed by Mr. Majima’s unique approach. The atmosphere of the game is wholly original and the characters are really cute, too. However, since the game is at its heart a traditional drama about Opoona and his siblings, I arranged the music in an orthodox manner, but the sound has a more “futuristic” flavor. I wanted to focus on having the music and sound gently “wrap around” Opoona and his siblings.

It’s a little ‘gearhead-ish’ (or maybe harpsichordhead-ish??), but it’s interesting nonetheless and, since I need to get something up here, well, here you go.

(It’s a somewhat timely ‘reprint’ since the Opoona soundtrack is–finally–getting a release in the not-too-distant future.)

(Speaking of game music, have you picked up Pitch to Pixel yet?)

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