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A New Challenger Approaches

Powered by DOSBox, WinUAE, etc?

So there’s Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Greenhouse, Good Ol’ Games (GOG) and now we have another, direct-download, shopfront in the form of DotEmu (you get one guess as to what that means):

We are very pleased to announce the launch of DotEmu.com portal, the place to get the best oldies on PC Digital download, iPhone or Online.

There you can get now, and without DRM, the brilliant Another World, created by Eric Chahi, available in high-definition. Relive the fabulous adventures of Broken Sword 2 and 3 or uncover the mysteries of Atlantis 3 and Atlantis Evolution. Make your choice among the collection of the Silmarils games: Ishar, Robinson’s Requiem and even DEUS!

In addition, new functionalities will be added very soon based on YOUR feedback. So keep telling us what you think and share your ideas to get the best service possible.

A lot of new titles will be added twice a week, so stay tuned!

I like what these guys are doing, since it’s more along the lines of what GOG has been up to, i.e. selling older games for cheap like Out of This World (Another World in Europe), and also offering a small selection of completely free titles, though it is very, very Euro-centric, selection-wise, which can actually be a plus if you didn’t live in Euroland in the 90s and/or never owned a PC or Amiga.

Here’s a list of what’s on free right now:

*Beneath a Steel Sky1

1 If you’ve never played this before, it looks like your weekend is all set–you can thank me afterwards.

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