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Friday “Nice” or Rule 5 Sunday

It’s that time of week again where I attempt to be “nice” to appease the last man on earth that would actually admit to enjoying this, but it’s his (alleged) loss–that’s right, it’s Friday “Nice” or, depending on where you’re winging in from, Rule 5 Sunday w/ a WE twist:

Otterly beat.

Yeah, it’s pretty much exactly what it looks like.

And now for our regularly-scheduled debauchery (changed things up this week–click image for extended info):

Chun Li
When not street fighting, Chun Li models the latest in swimwear.

molotov cocktease
Names just don’t get much more apt than this one.

get me THIS nurse
More effective than a self-administered morphine drip.

Friday Mai.

Nice eyes. (And everything else.)

Do I even need a snappy caption for this one?

Have a great weekend and be sure to come back for Rule 5 Sunday on…Sunday!

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