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Stuff You May Have Missed Yesterday

caslte of illusion!
Milk Party by Orioto1

*This is not the kind of rollercoaster anyone enjoys…well, maybe anarchists.
*Super Mario War gets a 360 port.
*That volcano in Iceland? Yeah, it’s not done yet.
*Behold: a new DS flash card that has built-in GBA emulation, though it isn’t any better than an earlier card with the same thing…yet.
*When Muslims threaten death (again), fall back to bashing those whose idea of retaliation is a strongly-worded letter or a toothless boycott.
*You were right to be afraid: RE5 producer was worried about living in Mikami’ shadow.
*Facebook: who needs privacy?
*Kirby lives (again) on Wii! Cosmic Walker, sadly, apparently doesn’t.
*Edge Magazine, the most schizophrenic, unpredictable, kinda annoying gaming mag every put to wood pulp, gives Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 10/10.
*NEWSFLASH: something will kill everybody eventually! This message brought to you by the media: desperate to keep you terrified of *everything* since…forever.
*Wii and Ds have sold a lot.
*Operation ‘make our pizza taste like, well, pizza’, a big success.
*And all the stuff you didn’t read on WE.

1 If you played Castle of Illusion, this should be amazing/awesome to you.

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  1. kog3100_edw
    05/07/2010 at 12:42

    Edge IS annoying. I just got done reading an article where they preview Platinum’s upcoming Vanquish, and while they end on a relatively positive we-wanna-play-this note, they spend the majority of the article snidely making ‘Mikami is talking out of his ass’ comments. I just found it incredibly disrespectful, considering that they went got the same bennies from Sega that all the other journo-whores did, and you could at least let the man BE enthusiastic about his game. The time for ‘it didn’t do what he said it would’ should be in the review. AFTER you’ve played it. The whole thing just struck me as very two-faced. I don’t want games ‘journalism’ to be nothing but effusive praise, but this read like they felt they needed to inject some seriously sh*tty cynicism just to make sure they didn’t LOOK like they just accepted the Sega BJs like everyone else.

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