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A Megarockin’ Demake: Megman 8 NES

Less anime, more pixels

(OK, technically it’s Rockman 8 FC, but this being the land of Megaman and NES, well, you get the idea…)

Anyway, there was a decent amount of chatter a few months back about the Rockman 7 demake1 but, curiously, naught but a peep about the Rockman 8 demake, so I’m going to remedy that right now:

So, yeah, basically it’s Megaman 8 (late of the Saturn and PlayStation) tossed into the oven until it came out, Shrinky-Dinked, as a Famicom2 game.

It’s not complete yet, but it is on ‘beta’ 2.5 which you can grab here. (NOTE!: it’s beta and it may not work or may crash or whatever, so use at your own risk!) And there’s lots of chit-chat on 7 and 8 here.

1 When you take a game from a newer platform and redo it based on the limitations of an older one, you have what is known as a demake.
2 That’d be what the NES was known as in Japan, people with lives.

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