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More Retro Than Megaman 9 & 10

Eat your heart out Megaman 9 & 10!

And you thought new Jaguar games were the height of obscure video game arcana:

“His Dark Majesty” is a story-driven turn-based strategy game that takes the core elements of Advance Wars and The Battle for Wesnoth. The game is free to download.

The features:

*Single player campaign with interesting story in 23 chapters.
*Challenging and fast artifical intelligence.
*26 different units with unique features and abilities, including flying units, water units, mages and beasts.
*10 characters that help you or challenge you during the game.
*Graphics, music and sound effects by the best 8bit artists.
*Intro and outro scenes.
*Intuitive user interface.
*In-game hint system that teaches you how to play.
*Works on a 8-bit Atari computer which has 64KB of memory and 1.77 MHz CPU!

I’ll take their word for it running on an actual Atari computer, but it certainly was inspired by some good games, though I’d say Wesnoth1 was inspired by Master of Monsters2 and, thus, so was this game to make it a bit more anal accurate:

You can get the game here and run it on an Atari 800 emulator.

1 Solid game but not as good as those that inspired it.
1 Master of Monsters (on Genesis) is still a good game, even today–go play it! (And when you’re done w/ that, grab Dark Wizard on SegaCD.)

  1. 05/08/2010 at 16:32

    Look how fast it runs! I’d love this stuffed into a cart someday.

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