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One for the Bitheads

thenoidA sizable chunk of the people reading this blog will have no idea who this is1

Remember those playground fights you used to have about whether the TurboGrafx was really 16-bit, whether the Jaguar was really 64-bit or whether the Noid really lived in a pizza box, ready to strike at any moment if your delivery didn’t get to you in under 30 minutes, all local traffic laws and the Theory of Relativity be dammed?

Well, at least we now have a, ahem, resolution to the great 720p vs. 1080p debate2:

Back when we were moving frm SD to HD, one of the more fashionable arguments was that if you have normal vision then you can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Every once in a while this argument comes up, so I thought I’d address it because it sheds light on a common misconception about aliasing and how our eyes work.

The argument goes something like this. The human eye can not distinguish between unique features that are below a certain size on your retina. If you have a 720p display that is 12 feet away from you, and you have average vision, then you can not distinguish individual pixels. That’s how eye doctors test your vision. So 720p is enough
and 1080p displays are a waste of money. Case closed! Right?

You probably already know the answer (having been through this debate about a billion times), but it’s still a good refresher and even comes with visual aids for the conceptually-impaired.

(And one more thing: 30fps is NOT the same as 60fps–there is a massive, obvious, difference both visually and gameplay-wise–so accept it, HD fans, that think 30 is ‘good enough’.)

1 Hell, a sizable chunk is probably scratching their heads over TurboGrafx, Jaguar (not the cat), 720p, 1080p and the Theory of Relativity.
2 Personally, I had no idea this was even still debatable at this late date but, then, I’m also pretty convinced the Noid died of a meth-fueled bender sometime in the 90s (you try keeping up with a Dominoes delivery guys through the early 90s and you see how well you do without illegal stimulants and a Formula 1 car), so what do I know.
3 It isn’t!

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  1. Poochy
    05/08/2010 at 13:26

    I miss the Noid. Dominoes just seemed so much cooler back when they had that freaky little…whatever he is, around.

  2. 05/08/2010 at 16:33

    It still tasted like crap. Pizza Slut for the win.

    • ECM
      05/08/2010 at 16:34

      Given that you are Canadian, I’m going to let you slide in that you do not know the staggering beauty of true, NY-style, pizza when you say “Pizza Slut for the win.”

  3. Poochy
    05/09/2010 at 09:08

    I really don’t get all the hate for Dominos. I mean, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant somewhere in Milano (or maybe the Bronx) and thus consider yourself a true connosieur(sp?) of Italian cuisine, isn’t it at the very least decent take-out pizza?

    • ECM
      05/09/2010 at 15:18

      Silver spoon? We are talking about pizza here, right?

      Anyway, if you weren’t raised in NY Metro you probably wouldn’t get it–Dominos et al just does not taste like NY-style pizza which, if that’s what you grew up with, nothing else generally stacks up. (I can’t speak for Justin, since he, apparently, thinks Pizza Hut is wonderful but he also didn’t grow up in NY Metro.)

      That said, I still enjoy Dominos, occasionally, but it woudn’t be even my one-hundredeth choice if I was in the NYC metro area nor even in, say, Los Angeles where you can get NY Pizza from…NY Pizza XD

  4. Poochy
    05/10/2010 at 05:52

    That’s another thing I don’t really understand about pizza. There’s this on-going war between which style of pizza is the best: “New York”, “Chicago”, “Los Angeles”, etc..

    Isn’t pizza Italian food? When I eat pizza, it’s because I feel like eating Italian style food, not New York or Chicago style. I’ve never eaten pizza in New York, but it sounds like I’m missing out something great; nevertheless, I can’t imagine anything tasting so good that all the alternatives taste like crap in comparison.

    • ECM
      05/10/2010 at 13:12

      Whoa, whoa: NY-style is the best! But! Even middling pizza is still good-ish! Let’s not get carried away!

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