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It Came From 2002, Strategically

farland symphony english
And, no, I’m not going to tell you where you can find the game1

And now it’s in English:

After many years of effort, we are proud to say that Farland Symphony English v1.0 has finally been officially released as of April 1st! It took us a very long time, but it’s finally done. For anyone curious about all the twists and turns that the project took, please view the History section in the readme. The download locations and forum links are listed below.

This is old-ish news, since the patch translating Farland Symphony (an SRPG) has been out since the beginning of April, but after a cursory poll taken amongst a number of game fans, I came to the abrupt conclusion that nobody has ever heard of this game (or the series, that spawned it2), so here we are and now you know, too.

Anyway, it’s a fun, fast, breezy SRPG that doesn’t take itself even remotely seriously, is riddled w/ RPG clichés/conventions and still manages to be quite enjoyable for at least the first few hours in (which is where I presently sit), so maybe you wanna go and check it out and then tell your friends to check it out so they can tell their friends and maybe, eventually, it’ll get ported to PSP. (But probably not.)

1 Sorry: no time to take better screens right now!
2 Kinda like a Falcom game minus the rabid, way over-the-top, microscopic, non-Japanese, fanbase, so here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a rabid way over-the-top, microscopic, non-Japanese, fanbase.

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