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Mindblower of the Day

The PlayStation Code, by GhideonZhi1

You’ll never look at a PlayStation pad the same way again:

I just noticed this! PSX controller, four buttons numbered by lines, one through four: O=1 line X=2 lines /\=3 lines []=4 lines. Weird!

*cue Twilight Zone theme*

And just to elaborate (because, apparently, some people don’t find this remotely interesting): it finally explains why there’s an ‘X’ button on the PS controller when the other three are basic shapes2, something that has puzzled gaming obscurantists since the PlayStation’s inception. I imagine it’s safe to say that this was explained somewhere, long ago, in any number of Japanese publications but, to my knowledge, was never articulated in the West.

(It also explains why, at least in Japan, O is the primary button on the controller as it would correspond with 1, whereas, for whatever reason, SCEA and SCEE decided that X would be the primary, probably because ‘X marks the spot’ in the Western mind–that and it’s possible even they weren’t up on the O=1, X=2, etc., rationale.)


Another small objection has been raised: that the buttons aren’t in linear order, i.e. that there’s no clear pattern to their layout like, say, clockwise or counterclockwise that would indicate that it’s supposed to be a proxy for 1-4, but there is an order or, if you prefer, a pattern:


Remember: the PS1 was supposed to be a SNES CD add-on, originally

1 GhideonZhi is the head chap at Aeon Genesis.
2 Other than assuming it was the ‘odd man out’ when some designer originally came up with them.

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