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Email/IM/Etc. Backlog


If you’ve been trying to email/IM/etc. me the past week or so, I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment, so bear w/ me.

Also! For those of you emailing/IM’ing/etc. out of the blue1 PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, if you send me a message written under ILUVKITTIES4EVAH and say something like “hey dude, what’s up?” (I’ve gotten these, for real) and DON’T SIGN YOUR NAME I have NO idea who you are or whether or not you’re a spambot, a friend from high school, or a sex offender.

This admonition also goes for people signing “Bob”, “Bunny”, “Dave”, “Pete”, “Mase”, “Satchel”, “Bender”, “Romulus”, etc.! I know lots of people by those names2 so unless you tell me HOW I know you (or, say, include your last name like ILUVKITTIES4EVAH Smith), I won’t presume I actually know you and probably won’t reply!3

1 Someone must have thrown up the Geek Signal.
2 Alright, maybe not so many Mase’s, Satchels and Romulus’.
3 Which isn’t to say I won’t talk to you, but it would help if you say something like “hey, I used to read GF and I hated you then but you seem almost-tolerable now, so let’s chat” then, OK, let’s do it…maybe.

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