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It’s Not Such a Small World After All

This is a pretty interesting little experimental game (mind you: it’s very, very light on actual gameplay) where your avatar navigates the world and, as you expose more of the map by pushing back the ‘fog of war’, the world zooms out accordingly, so that the more you uncover, the bigger (and smaller!) the world gets:

small world
Our hero: undaunted before he is daunted1

Note: both screens are exactly the same pixel size, so that itty-bitty avatar on the right is actually itty-bitty on-screen.

I can see the germ of an awesome game in here but, really, it needs some actual conflict or puzzles rather than just wandering around, pushing back the fog, and zooming out the camera as you skip from world to world, but it has a great conceptual base, and the creator is working on another game which you can read about here.

1 Funny how nobody ever uses the word daunted, innit?2
2 Brain to ECM: yes, because a lot of people use the word “undaunted”, right?

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