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Miyamoto, Iwata and You Walk Into a Bar

This is probably going to be just slightly better than LBP2

This is certainly something that will send the Internet all a-twitter (and a-Twitter) today:

The original plan was to make the game in one year, similar to their development time target for Majora’s Mask. However, they ended up taking two-and-a-half years. Iwata noted here that because they didn’t have to take that one year to refine the player movement, the full development time was spent exclusively on stage creation and tuning.

There’s also this, which is great news for some of us:

Miyamoto also noted here that the game starts off “at full acceleration” and feels like it’s more difficult than the original — so difficult that he shouts out and slams his table when playing by himself late at night (Iwata responded that he’d like to see this).

I’d also love to have an audio recording of this, if only as my ‘you’ve got mail’ chime. Or to scare off hungry bears. Or koopas.

The nice thing about Nintendo games is, 99% of the time, they do not rush them on the creative end which, while also potentially-inviting auteur disease (WiiMusic, sadly, was one of those victims), they also seem to mostly avoid that by really prototyping the hell out of everything for playability purposes, subsuming their ‘art’ to the desires of the bulk of the audience. (Thank God.)

And here’s something else to whet the appetite–the first SMG2, NA, commercial:

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