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El DOS Emulador Por DS

Breakin’ up is hard to do

Mr. Neko mentioned this a week or so ago and, wouldn’t you know, there’s an update to it today:


• New EGA 640x350x16 and VGA 640x480x16 graphics modes.
• The NDS shoulder buttons scroll the zoomed screen left/right (as before) when not already at the edge, and up/down after that.
• Fixed Master of Orion SB digital audio problems.
• Changed EGA text output to use INT43 vector (fixes text problems in Space Quest I, etc).
• Fixed EGA Read Mode 1 handling (DOUBOLO).
• Improved EGA palette handling (ZOOL).
• Fixed WC2 savegame handling, which was broken by the DUNE2 savegame handling fix. They call the same DOS function, but expect it to behave differently. Argh!
• Added support for INT03 (see previous blog post) and INTO (overflow interrupt).
• Implemented Mode-X VGA offset handling (Alien Breed, Traffic Department 2192).
• Implemented diskette motor counter handling to INT8 (should fix Civilization hang problem).
• Added about a dozen new EGA graphics opcodes.
• Added about a dozen new Mode-X graphics opcodes.
• Added support for several new DOS and Mouse interrupts.
• Added support for several new I/O ports.
• Added most of the previously missing characters to the 6×8 text mode font.
• Attempt to avoid writing duplicate entries to the debug log.
• Ignore SB Direct DAC output for now, pending proper implementation.

Oh, what is it? It’s DSx86: an x86 (i.e. DOS) emulator for the DS, allowing you to play such fondly-remembered classics as most of Sierra’s library, some non-SCUMM Lucas games (Night Shift rules!1) and, literally, thousands of others–you can grab the latest build here.

1 Pointless Night Shift Trivia: I was once at the Lucasfilm ranch in Marin, CA, and they have a roomful of the games that LucasArts has produced and wouldn’t you know, ATD’s classic, Night Shift, wasn’t actually in the room. It was, literally, the only one any of us there couldn’t find. (It didn’t help that the only person that had ever apparently played it was me, but there you go: a game so obscure even its publisher didn’t have a copy in its trophy case.

  1. Chi
    05/12/2010 at 14:01

    DOS! Remember that dude Randy we worked with who called DOS “dos” like he was counting to two in Spanish? That was awesome. The job we were at? Not so much.

    • ECM
      05/12/2010 at 14:03

      Yep! XD

      That’s how I:

      1. Came up w/ the headline.


      2. EVERY TIME I see DOS I think of Randy saying “DOS” since that fateful day in ’96–it drives me nuts!

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