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Rockstar Rapes & Pillages…Pirates??

Rockstar: 1; Pirates: uh, 1?

Oh this is just too delicious on a number of levels:

Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere, or if there is another reason for it, but it seem rockstar used a cracked version of Max Payne 2 for steam retail. Check out this picture:


As you can see there’s an ASCII “Myth” logo, which is an old cracking team that were quite prevelent a while back. Seems Rockstar got a little lazy and used this crack instead of recompilling their executable without DRM.

Note: The logo is much easier to see if you back away from it or just zoom out using by holding the ctrl key and spinning your mouse wheel.

Basically Rockstar, erm, appropriated some code from the pirates that cracked the original release of Max Payne 2 for their legit Steam release, so I guess what comes around goes around? Or something?

h/t: The Arch-Nerd

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