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Shiren Returns 2 Life

The Wi-Fi Rescue Code worked! He’s back!

If there’s one translation of anything I most want, it’s this:

Aaaaaaand school is over for the semester, so work can resume on both translations! In the past few days, I’ve gone back to working on Shiren the Wanderer 2. Its kinda embarrassing to say, but I didn’t figure out how pointers worked in that game until just now I was never able to find the points for any of the text in the arm9 file, so I just assumed that I would have to work with the predefined limits in that file. Oddly enough I found it out due to the fact that crystaltile2 can “extract” the arm9 into multiple files(never noticed that before ^^;;). It ended up that the pointers were using the locations in the extracted file, so I just had to subtract 4000 from the normal arm9 to get the pointers. SCIENCE!

Visit him and encourage him to ‘get ‘er done!’

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