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TinyRPG: The World’s First FRPG

There aren’t many RPGs set in Mexico

That’d be Fortnight RPG, for those struggling with other, more profane, solutions to this ‘riddle’:

Indie game maker Andre Spierings has thrown down the gauntlet to bigger members of the role-playing game cosmos.

It took Square Enix over five years to create Final Fantasy XIII, and Blizzard’s been hard at work on Diablo 3 (pictured) for almost a decade. By contrast, Spierings has managed to push out his isometric click-fest Tiny RPG in just two weeks.

That’s pretty impressive for what is a dandy1 little time-waster.

The Facebook page for the game is here and the website is here, but appears to be down.

1 Yes, today’s anachronism is “dandy”.

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  1. Chi
    05/13/2010 at 00:57

    Fun little game. Final boss was surprisingly tough though.

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