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Good News for Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Konami, Capcom, Activision…

In case your life was lacking in naked shilling, Best Buy steps in to lend a hand

In truth, this is probably the only way a new print mag is going to last more than two years, but anyone looking to this for timely/honest/sales pitch-free/honest editorial should probably stick to, well, uh…the honest/sales pitch-free thing is gonna be hard to come by, period, but I guess timely still counts in the Internet’s favor:

Kyle Orland reports via his The Game Beat Blog, that Best Buy and Future Publishing US are teaming up to create a game magazine exclusively for the electronic store chain. The magazine, which is being called “@Gamer,” will be helmed by former IGN Editor in Chief Andy Eddy. Orland dug up the following tidbit from Eddy’s profile on Facebook. It reads:

“I’m working at Future US in the Future Plus group on a new publication called @Gamer, the “official games magazine of Best Buy.”

I remember when Andy Eddy was respectable, way, way back in the days of VG&CE–shame to see him end up hocking games for Best Buy at what has to be, at this point, the twilight of his career.

Personally, any price is too high for what is going to amount to targeted-advertising for the companies trying to sell games at Best Buy, but I’m sure they’ll sweeten the deal w/ various coupons, etc. (a la Game Informer) to get you to sign on for their marketing campaign, so maybe it’s not a total loss for those of you that still actually shop brick & mortar.1

1 Amazon 4 Life! (And they didn’t even have to pay me to say that.)

  1. 05/13/2010 at 21:58

    I’m instantly more interested in this magazine now that I know Andy Eddy is behind the helm. I loved the hell out of VG&CE, and Eddy is a real innovator who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He was distributing FAQs online years before Jeff “Sleazy” Veasey.

  2. 05/24/2010 at 21:08

    Back in the day, I only read VG&CE because of Lee Pappas (LET’S GET PAPPASIZED) but it’s still sad to hear that Andy Eddy will have to refer to some greasy 20-year-old kid as “Sir” and write hype-ticles about why Killzone 14 is the greatest game ever.

    But who knows, maybe this new mag and Eddy’s guidance will help some talented kid shine bright enough to light our world’s darkest hour.


    • ECM
      05/24/2010 at 21:08

      I hope so, but I’m just not very optimistic 😦

      • 05/24/2010 at 21:24

        Me neither, but I’ll at least flip through the pages while I’m shopping. A good friend of mine over at Duomazov recently posted an interview with Andy Eddy, and he actually talked about the difficulties in trying to launch a magazine in this day and age. ( http://www.thebrothersduomazov.com/2009/09/powerful-champions-of-turbo-literature.html )

        And I just remembered that I’m in Best Buy’s rewards program… I bet I’m going to get spammed with emails since they track what people buy.

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