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Monopoly+Magic the Gathering Mash-Up Nears 100% Complete

One of the best games on DS and one of the best game series, ever1

Complete translation (new patch went up yesterday), that is (for Culdcept DS, that is):

Maps (98% complete)
Crests_List (98% complete)
Card_List (98% complete)
Story_Script (98% complete)
Help_Script (98% complete)
Taunts0_Script (98% complete)
Taunts1_Script (98% complete)
Taunts2_Script (98% complete)
Taunts3_Script (98% complete)
Taunts4_Script (98% complete)
Taunts5_Script (98% complete)
Taunts6_Script (98% complete)
Taunts7_Script (98% complete)
Taunts8_Script (98% complete)
Taunts9_Script (98% complete)
Taunts10_Script (98% complete)
Taunts11_Script (98% complete)
Tutorial (98% complete)
Menus (97% complete)
Shrine_Effects (98% complete)

This is one of the best games on the DS, even though the AI cheats far worse than your cousin2 running the bank in a game of Monopoly.

If you have any sense (and you’re reading this blog so, clearly…you don’t) you should really think about picking up the original game to show your support, then bagging the ROM+translation and having at it. (You can also get versions of Culdcept–in English!–on PS2 and 360.)

1 No, that isn’t hyperbole.
2 “$200 for passing Go to you; $200 for me, yoink!”

  1. 05/13/2010 at 23:20

    Nice! I just played through a round of my freshly patched copy of Culdcept. It’s just as fun-furiating as ever! Thanks for the heads up. I don’t know if I’d say it was 98% translated, though… there’s still a lot of kanji where it really shouldn’t be.

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