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Old School? More Like Pre-School

This is a ‘game’ (barely) from one of those Heathkit1 jobbies I’ve mentioned once or, well, once:

Kinda reminds me of a super-primitive Scramble (or Cosmic Avenger which, I think, was also a Scramble knock-off), a game I had actually enjoyed from the same, forgotten, era, when men were men, computers were monochrome and there was a very good reason why arcades dominated the gaming scene: they could actually scroll w/o incurring seizures and their audio output didn’t sound like cat claws (cat attached) raked across a chalk board.

And, actually, I’m pretty sure Y-Wing 22 was ripping Scramble off while also getting in a two-fer w/ Star Wars:

1 If you’d like, you can emulate this thing if you’d like to risk infertility after bathing in its sickly-green glow…and, if you’d like, you probably should be infertile, so everybody wins.)
2 Oh, and yeah: as there’s a Y-Wing 2 there was also a Y-Wing 1.

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