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PlayStation (Nobody) Home

One avatar’s tale of a dystopic future wherein a lone female has an entire mall1 all to herself:

Yeah, I could have told Sony (for a lot less money) that recreating the GEnie experience (1994 FOR LIFE!) was probably not the path to fame, fortune and increased marketshare but, then, I don’t have an MBA so wtf do I know??2

1 I still can’t get over that with all the power of the PS3 at their disposal, Sony chose not to create a city full of super-powered alter-egos, flying to and fro, hither and yon, there and back again, but a small mall…in Des Moines…where the most awe-inspiring thing you can do is…dance…and shop…and watch TV…(Is it any wonder these guys are in 3rd place?)
2 A lot more than Sony.

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