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Around the Sidebar in 120 Seconds

Beer goggle

Our weekly (sometimes twice weekly, if it’s really slow) run around the Rogues Gallery at right:

*Taro serves up what looks like the Mii Parade except on Twitter…and weirder.
*It seems Shaggy and co. stumbled upon the same Pac-Man Lego cab i did, but if you go just beneath that post you get some info on what sounds like a great pinball party…in the UK. Oh well.
*The cat man shouts from the rooftops about some YouTube success (‘grats!) and also sorta-kinda (his heart isn’t really in it) beats up on the 3DS.
*Jack’s on the same page as I am about the likelihood of 3D gaming doing anything at all in the near-to-mid term that isn’t called “3DS”. (Though I am more sanguine about Nintendo’s chances since betting against them after Wii and DS is bordering on a fool’s errand.)
*KoG kicks in with his (brief!) thoughts on the passing of Dio, but go down one post and the verbose-o-meter is fully opened up.
*Fei posts up another chiptune and laments that the Genesis is a big, cold, uncaring, meany when stacked up against the soft, cuddly, teddy bear-like NES soundchip to which I say: Blast Processing? You can’t handle Blast Processing!
*The GoobTM throws up some game music of his own from the ultra-classic Devil’s Crush and shows us the private life of a particularly notorious Yakuza boss.
*Even Mexico (well, OK, a Mexican, singular) laments the passing of Dio, and in slightly more exuberant tones than some other eulogizers.
*The Knight delivers a general philosophy lesson to benighted non-believers w/ KoG-like voluminousness.
*And Fei, once more, says some kind words about the former occupant of the White House and his stance on Knight-like issues.

Wanna get linked in the sidebar? You know what to do…

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