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Sony Fans Get the Shaft But They Don’t Feel The Force

Well, PS3 fans, you can always use it for other, err, recreational purposes

It seems that Sega’s big surprise reveal…isn’t:

If you haven’t heard, SEGA Japan set up a count down site for a mysterious SEGA game last week. The countdown site started at number 10. Speculation about the site’s url, next-360action.sega.jp, led people to believe that this could possibly be an Xbox 360 exclusive action title from SEGA.

Well the number count on the teaser site has been going down on a daily basis and is currently showing ‘V’ (5 in Roman Numerals), but it looks like the surprise might have already been ruined.

The latest edition of Famitsu reveals a brand new SEGA title, exclusive to the Xbox 360 – Virtual On Force. Yes once again the Japanese gaming magazine has crippled another of SEGA’s surprise announcements, by reporting on it first.

If this is true, if this is the alleged exclusive, that means, once again, PS3 owners are getting the shaft (twice–once for each stick on a twinstick, err, stick) on a game you’d think would probably, in the end, perform better on PS3 but I guess Sega knows what they are doing…right? (I know: Live got VOOT, but since it sold well, you’d think maybe Sega would want to spread the love a little, right?1)

Video from the arcade rev:


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    • ECM
      05/19/2010 at 21:40


  2. kog3100_edw
    05/21/2010 at 13:50

    Hahaha. Non-360 owners. Their poopers hurt.

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