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AM In Your Head All Day

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  1. Chi
    05/20/2010 at 10:30

    Thank you for this! I used to love this show though I don’t have much recollection of it. Did CBS always have the best Saturday morning cartoons?

    • ECM
      05/20/2010 at 22:04

      Ya know, I’d really have to think about that cause, man, has it been a long time since I gave any thought to a topic of such momentous import. ( do know that ABC ahd Pac-Man, tho, so that’s gotta count for something…maybe.

      And my AIM nick is ECMIAM, cause I think you asked for this the other day, but I’m not entirely sure I’m not imagining that (long, long day).

  2. Poochy
    05/20/2010 at 11:29

    [*WARNING* This is another nonsensical]

    The Donkey Kong cartoon was the best. I think the creators of that cartoon really understood what Donkey Kong was really all about: the crazy antics of a mustachioed carpenter, his girlfriend, and the lovesick gorilla that was chasing her. No space travel and no cute, annoying sidekicks. It’s almost as if they understood Mario better back then than than most Nintendo developers and second parties do today! HA!

    • Poochy
      05/20/2010 at 11:32

      The above message had *angry rant* and */angry rant* enclosed in HTML brackets.
      I wasn’t aware that WordPress automatically blocks HTML code, even if it’s fake! 😛

    • ECM
      05/20/2010 at 22:05

      Honestly, I wish I remembered any of them w/ any clarity: I do recall DK but the only one that’s still fairly vivid is Q*Bert, probably because I was horribly-addicted to it when this show started up.

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