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Eating Their Cake While Rearranging the Deck Chairs

MTV Games (L) attempts to put one over on Viacom shareholders and the general public

MTV GM Scott Guthrie has a novel laughable defense of declining sales of music video games.

Admitting to the decline, he tells MCV, “Yes, when you look at share year-over-year, it is in decline. But what has happened is that people now have the plastic peripherals in their homes. You could argue the instruments should never have been part of the share in the first place, because in terms of software our business was up 73 per cent yearon- year. I believe that was also the case with Guitar Hero.”

Two things:

1. Funny how this wasn’t an issue and/or proposed when music games were selling in the gazillions, isn’t it? Now, only when sales are looking absolutely dire and stockholders are no doubt calling for your head, do you perform this little two-step to try to carry yourself out of the line of fire.

2. Uh, Scott? Those instruments do actually have a massive impact on your bottom-line, right? And without those sales, you are, indeed, making a helluva lot less money than before, right? Like an epically huge amount less, right? And, like, further instrument sales were integral to you making your projections, correct? Ergo, yes, you need to sell more instruments and it’s not as simple as “oh, well, we never should have counted those in the first place” when writing checks our products can’t cash.

Anyway, just checking: for a second there I thought you were trying to spin the cratering sales figures for Rock Band. (And very big of you to allow Activision to use your hastily-erected wind tunnel of lies to help buttress your utterly transparent, desperately self-serving, defense–rather capital of you, really.)

  1. 05/21/2010 at 13:48

    They just need to make Trombone Hero a feasible purchase to consumers. If they can crack that, there is a whole orchestra of instruments to feed that bottom line with.

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