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Dear Capcom: Nice Try, Bastards

We hate the consumer. (Just not as much as EA…yet.)

The anti-used jihad1 is really starting to get on my nerves, so it feels good to see Capcom get the Heisman so quickly on this one:

You get the “Running Through 6” bronze trophy when six months have passed after you’ve started play.

Some have apparently found a technique to cheat the trophy (or, based off the terminology, the equivalent Achievement):

1. Before starting the game, remove the LAN cable and set the clock seven months back.
2. Create save data file.
3. Return to the dash board, connect your LAN cable, and connect to Live.
4. Start up the game and load up the save file.

Apparently it wasn’t enough that you ‘accidentally’ forgot to mention the DRM in PS3 Final Fight, but now you’ve taken to silly, roundabout, ways to try to short-circuit a legitimate consumer practice that’s been valid for every other product on the face of the Earth, since time immemorial2 (short nuclear missiles and black market babies3)–keep this sh*t up and I’ll ‘accidentally’ stop buying your games.

Note to other pubs: if you’re going to play this particular game, at least be honest about it rather than hiding it in Achievements/Trophies or just forgetting to mention it altogether (per Final Fight)–it sews distrust amongst your fanbase and, at the end of the day, you live and die by a consumer’s confidence in your product, a confidence you undermine every time you engage in stupid sh*t like this.

AND before anyone starts screaming about the triviality of this: that’s how it always starts and then it’s down the slippery slope we go, keep your arms, legs and firstborn children inside the vehicle at all times lest a game company exec attempt to ‘relieve’ you of one of them.

1 I don’t buy used games–ever–but I’m getting a little tired of this act.
2 English & French Norman for: a long f*cking time.
3 Both of which have a tendency to go off at the wrong times.

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