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It’s Supposed To Look Like That

It’s called Kolonia Outbreak, and it has a very slick, retro-riffic, vibe:

It’ll have five levels and the main twist is that enemy ships will destroy your mothership (off-screen) if you let too many fly past the left edge of the screen, so it’s imperative that you kill ’em all unless you want your wife, child and dog to die a fiery death. (I may have made that last part up.)

It’s built in Game Maker (pretty handy tool, that) and will be short (but sweet!), clocking in at 20 minutes per run, though it will have a swath of optional modes to make sure you get your, uh, well, it’s free, so if you’re going to complain you probably shouldn’t.1

1 No doubt someone will complain anyway because that’s what kids these days do: complain. About everything. All the time. Because it’s hard being a kid with a cell phone. And an iPod. And three game consoles. And high speed Internet. And not having to have a job because it might actually teach them that cell phones, ipods, game consoles and high speed internet don’t come from the parent fairy. For the rest of your miserable, bitchy, life.2
2 I, on the other hand, complain about complainers complaining which, at least in my self-serving worldview, makes my complaining more refined and beyond reproach, so don’t you go complaining about it!

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  1. kog3100_edw
    05/24/2010 at 12:59

    Complain about your complaining? Moi?

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