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Super Mario Galaxy 2: The First 70-Odd Stars

A perfect 10? Only in a funhouse mirror

Just some quick impressions about 70 stars in:

*It still runs at a glorious 60fps, something I wish every developer would insist upon, regardless of console. (Insomniac’s recent decision to no longer hoe this row, frankly, sucks balls.)
*It’s nice to actually be able to use Luigi (who does control a lot more loosely than Mario) and Yoshi can be a blast.
*The new gimmicks (Cloud, Spring, Rock, etc.) are pretty cool but, at this point, I still prefer the FLUD elements in Super Mario Sunshine and, in a few levels, their execution feels a bit tedious.
*The levels feel a lot less epic in scope than the first and much more single-serving size, which is probably a desperate attempt to appeal to the same audience that loved NSMB Wii.
*Part of this lack of scope manifests itself in level designs that just don’t feel as fun as the first one, because there’s a lot less to them and they are a lot more straightforward.
*There is, quite literally, no way this is going to appeal to a broader audience than the first one simply because some sequences are going to be hellishly frustrating for the expanded audience–super guide or no super guide; training DVD or no training DVD. (So part of what appears to be dumbing down was probably completely for naught and will only aggravate people like me.)
*In spots, despite what you may have read in reviews, the camera can be a real bear.
*The boss battles, on the whole, are pretty awesome and the comic fan in me screams during them “this is how you could do a good Superman game!”
*This game is *not* a 11/10; 5 out 5 dentists do not approve; and Mikey likes it, but w/ some misgivings: it’s still fun but, as of right now, I actually prefer the first one, mainly because of the sheer scope of both the game and the level design which are lacking in comparison, at least as of world 6.
*More thoughts after I complete the first run (to get the basic ending, not 100% on stars, etc.).

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