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Hating It Because It’s Beautiful

More Xenoblade footage–SIX MINUTES-worth:

And a TVCM1:

I keep telling myself I don’t like JRPGs anymore but it had me at ゼノブレイド.2

1 Japanese for: television commercial.
2 Japanese for: Xenoblade(o)…duh?

  1. 05/25/2010 at 23:08

    Its not like Wizardry, but it is a little like flashpoint – without ranged combat.

  2. kog3100_edw
    05/26/2010 at 00:55

    That’s no wii FightStick.

    That’s ECM’s reaction to another bit of Xenoblade news.

  3. 05/26/2010 at 01:35

    Demons Souls is a japanese rpg, you didn’t like it?

    • ECM
      05/26/2010 at 03:06

      Err, no, it’s not.

      A JRPG is something like FF or DQ or…Xenoblade. Demon’s Souls is an ARPG which is nothing like the same thing–in fact, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone call an APRG (in this case, a real-time roguelike) a JRPG.

      This being the case, would you consider Secret of Mana a JRPG? Or FF Tactics? If so, you are one man against the genre-defining world! 😉

  4. 05/26/2010 at 08:46

    I know (and enjoy on occasion) the roguelike genre, but the ARPG thing I’m not familiar with. American RPG? Ass RPG? Armenian RPG? A-Team RPG? (I really like the idea of the last one!)

  5. 05/26/2010 at 13:50

    It stands for Awesome RPG, or something to that degree 😀

  6. kog3100_edw
    05/26/2010 at 15:59

    My guess would be AmericanRPG, what some are calling WRPG? Demon Souls is JPN-developed but is not in the style of the JRPG genre, is the point… regardless of specific acronym breakdown.

    The point of ECM’s correction is the genre it belongs to, not the origin. A JRPG wouldn’t HAVE to originate in Japan, and a WRPG COULD come from Japan. The acronyms/genres refer to the country where the style itself originated or was popularised.

    • 05/26/2010 at 17:59

      I get his point, then again, i don’t use “j” or “w” labels for rpgs at all. It’s a style thing, not a region thing. The genre needs different labels i think, because i find this whole “j” and “western” separations rather simplistic in many cases, they really don’t describe the games at all, and the way the vg media uses them just confuses even more the consumer.

      • kog3100_edw
        05/27/2010 at 00:45

        On the one hand the labels are limiting, on the other they give a common frame of reference. It is the same with genres or labels in any culture or subculture.

        If you don’t place importance on which conventions go with which genres, that’s fine. I’m actually pretty sympathetic to that.

        But you can be prepared for questions when your usage seems inconsistent with established/majority convention, yes?

        In the case of a genre label like ‘action RPG’, people use it but its so vague as to be almost useless… and everyone seems to have a different set of parameters that qualify. In the case of JRPG or WRPG the main signifiers are well established.

        Looks like ECM took your comment ‘Japanese RPG’ as ‘JRPG’ and not ‘RPG of Japanese authorship’ because HE meant JRPG in his caption. So if you mean JPN-originated, then you’ve just switched meanings without warning.

  7. kog3100_edw
    05/27/2010 at 00:46

    Derailigus Maximus! C’est Moi!

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