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Stuff You May Have Missed Yesterday


*Natsume brings Lufia to North America–the three or four of us that played it when it was new, rejoice. (I think we all read this blog, in fact.)
*The only good news about this is the rest of the world is in as just as bad a shape as we are, so they got nowhere else to go w/ their money.
*Insomniac gets tired of producing generic games for just one console: branches out to bring Ambien to XBOX 360, Wii.
*Like her or hate her, you have to admit this is 31 flavors of f*cked up.
*BTW, whomever has the Weather Dominator, could you do me a small favor: turn it the weather equivalent of easy listening–I’m getting real tired of Iced Earth and Disco Inferno, played back-to-back.
*Another day, another 10 for Super Mario Galaxy 2. (Have I mentioned that, at 106 stars, it still isn’t a 10?) But, even then, it can only manage second-best, ever.
*Good thing we pay these people huge salaries to go and pimp for other people we pay huge salaries while there’s kinda a big problem in the Gulf. (And wouldn’t you know: once it became public knowledge it was suddenly canceled–who says you can’t trust your government??)
*Talk about penchant’s for understatement: “Xbox to me, you know, in some mathematical way was a gigantic investment”–for a product that’s lost billions, that’s a remarkable way to spin, essentially, failure by any fiscal yardstick.1
*As if dealing with TSA isn’t already like slogging through the 8th circle of Hell: if you give them a little Hell, they’ll slap you with the mark of the beast.2
*School must be out: Culdcept DS got another patch.
*And all the stuff you didn’t read on WE.

1 I know: gamers don’t care about pesky things like profitability and economics–all they want is massively-subsidized hardware (that breaks, like, all the time) and lots of generic games.
2 Looks like a sternly-worded letter filed in triplicate with all the appropriate agencies so that you’ll never again be able to get on a plane without undergoing a 6-man body cavity search.

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  1. 05/26/2010 at 13:38

    Nice news on Lufia DS coming here, especially when reading who is bringing it here. I’ve heard the new game is good, but carries a nasty control scheme and an a lacking option to change characters on the fly.

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