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Around the Sidebar In 120 Seconds

Choking his monkey

*Taro tees off with yet another, bizarre, Japanese concoction that, generally speaking, would probably have no chance of selling anywhere else on earth.
*Ye gods, Shaggy hasn’t updated Arcade Heroes in a week?? Call out the coroner!
*The King o’ Cats Conan O’Brien fetish is in full-effect with a review of his comedy tour.
*Jack checks in with the usual rabbit punches to the collective face of the gaming business.
*NetFlix helps arm you with valuable information just in case you were thinking of going to KoG country…unarmed.
*Fei waxes effusive with his praise for a recent chiptune discovery and, it seems, he’s updating semi-regularly now!
*The Nerd pimps another blog that does something I need to do more of: review games. (I’m working on it!)
*Apparently that SF fan movie I linked to a while ago has finally made it out in Mexico as the Wanderer now brings it back to our attention.
*Over at Thoughts of Fei it seems that these 120 Seconds posts are having the desired effect–remember kids: shame is a very powerful motivator!
*Wonder of wonders, the Knight has a post related to abortion…again. (OK, there’s something in there about apologetics, too, if you’re one of those religious-types.)

Wanna get linked in the sidebar (and hassled about not updating!)? You know what to do…

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  1. 05/27/2010 at 10:11

    Yay! You linked to McKenzie’s post!

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