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Alameda…Why Did It Have to be Alameda?

Pinball: Like your Dad I used to play

When it could have been Weirs Beach:

Now featuring over 90 playable, historic pinball machines, the Pacific Pinball Museum has finally become a reality! Our new front entrance at 1510 Webster Street, Alameda, CA is open 6 days a week with extended hours on weekends. We now offer 15 woodrails and 20 wedgeheads from Larry Zartarian’s collection and additional games representing early pinballs from the Mr and Mrs. Gordon Hasse, Dan Miller, and Michael Schiess Collections. The beautiful wall murals are by Dan Fontes assisted by Ed Cassel and many volunteers.

Still of the fan of the old Lucky Ju Ju? Don’t worry…it’s still there! We still offer the “back 40” on Friday and Saturday nights. Come down and be blown away by the best place to experience pinball in the world! All machines are on freeplay and once admission is paid, you can come and go all day.

New hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 2pm to 9pm. 2pm til midnight on Fridays and Saturday. Closed Mondays.

Our admission is $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids under 12.

If you’re in that neck of the woods, do drop in and then let me know how it is, sigh.

Also: check Arcade Heroes for more up-to-the-quarter news on pinball in general.

h/t: Dave Thompson

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