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Superhuman Japanese player S Ranks a game we’ll never play, *shakes fist*

This isn’t new by any stretch, but one of my hobby horses (and, man, are there so many splinters from the herd) is when cool-looking games–arcade or otherwise–get stranded in a limited geographic locale whether for financial or licensing reasons, forever denied a broader audience as has been the case, for a while now, in regards to this game. (It is, essentially, a Diablo clone, much like Shining Force EXA & NEO.)

Of course there is still the possibility that sometime, this lifetime, SEGA will port Shining Force CROSS to PS360 (or, gasp!, Wii)1 but it’s been out for quite a while and there hasn’t been so much a peep about it, leading me to believe that it’s a willful act of defiance on their part in holding it back!2

Useless personal trivia: If there’s one mythos I’d like to see converted into an MMORPG, it’d be SEGA’s Shiningverse. (Or the one based on my incomplete novel, but that’s just a little self-serving.)

1 Where I can then downshift and start bitching about it not being announced for the West, natch.
2 Or it’s still making lots of cash in Japanese amusement centers and they don’t want to disrupt that market, but I like my much more sensational, Malstrom-like, take on their base, insidious, motivations! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! NO GAME FOR YOU, GAIJIN!!

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