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After doing a little research, prompted by Neko, I found out a lot of things about Gary Coleman I wish I hadn’t known (no, they weren’t good), so I nuked the post since I only put it up because I actually *liked* Gary Coleman, but after digging around…Jesus…I don’t care how lousy a hand you’ve been dealt, that doesn’t excuse the litany of misanthropy he’s engaged in for the last 20 years. At all.

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  1. Chi
    05/28/2010 at 20:33

    Out of respect, we should have a moment where we don’t talk about anything.

  2. 05/28/2010 at 22:39

    I’d just like people to stop using that stupid catchphrase. He hated it, and for good reason… he was tied to it for the rest of his life, tormented with it from every passerby. The man had a really tragic life, going from famous child star to lowly security guard whose fortune had been pilfered by opportunistic parents. I’d just like to see him get a little more respect, even if he’s not there to enjoy it.

  3. 05/29/2010 at 02:25

    I like my tv stars as decadent as possible.

  4. 05/30/2010 at 22:57

    Wha choo talkin’ bout Manekineko?

    I heard he passed away while at a wedding reception. I had no idea it was true though. Many, many, many false truths are present while in the company of copious amounts of beer.

    So we lost him and Hopper this weekend… what a bummer.

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