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1969: Duck Hunt Hits Arcades (No, Really)

The wild arcade cabinet, Gamus Arcadeus, in its natural habitat


Not just moving targets, but flying ducks from one side of the back scene to the other, these animated ducks fly from the left to the right on a special screen, disappearing from view when hit.

I can actually remember–just barely!–playing some of these electro-mechanical contraptions at Rye Playland when I was very, very young (pre-5 years old), though I can’t say I recall any more specifics other than my Dad holding me up to play them since I was, naturally, too young to actually reach the controls myself1. I also certainly can’t say this was among the games on offer, but my delusional side2 is screaming yes, yes it was there and foreshadowed a life of servitude to gaming in all its myriad forms.

Still it’s kinda cool to find a curio like this wandering the wilds of the Internet, long before Nintendo made the name commonplace, and by SEGA, no less.

h/t: GDRI

1 Some would say this is still a problem even today, but they are filthy, much taller, liars!
2 Which oddly accounts for about 98% so it’s really more like my delusional self.

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