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Megaman Cubed

They make you solve this in Hell so you can move onto more pleasant things: like dips in lakes of fire or genital pulping via sledgehammer

Rubik’s Cubes haven’t been cool since they were all the rage when I was a very little kid1, but this is still kinda interesting:

All the bosses from the NES Megaman series all make an appearance on this twist of a classic puzzle game. This cube is covered with boss selection screens from Megaman games 1 through 6. Check my other auction to see the other video game scenes I have available. Cube is about 2.5 in square.

Remember all the fun you used to have with one of these? And all the amazing solutions like ‘dismantle it and put it back together in a fit of rage and frustration from which it never quite worked right again’? Or ‘peel off the stickers and and rearrange them as ‘solved’ if you could ever get them to stick right again’? Yup, good times, and now you can bring in the added ‘fun’ of modern-day Megaman to the mix, but at least this cube gives you unlimited lives and continues until you take your own in abject frustration! Fun!1

Oh, and btw, there’s one for Mario, too, in case too much Megaman gives you a rash.

Note: don’t say you love Rubik’s, CHI, or you will confirm something I’ve long-suspected about these infernal devices!

h/t: Tomopop (thanks, I think)

1 And speaking of fun: that Cube cartoon was about the worst Saturday AM program, pretty much ever–I blame it, directly, for Ruby-Spears eventual demise a decade-plus later.

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