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Stuff You May Have Missed Yesterday

SUPER AFRO by 大森アフロ

*Hey, I’m not too far outside the average! For once! (But those guys playing games for 48 hours a week need to seek professional help.)
*Like tossing a hot dog into a large, gaping, hole. Cough.
*It’s not often that I’d ever counsel a publisher to buy a studio–especially a freshly-minted one–but in this case, Nintendo would be idiots not to snap these guys up. (Assuming the rumor has any merit.)1
*España next on the chopping block?
*Catch the Wave, before it breaks on the Nintendo shore.
*Remember that volcano in Iceland? Yeah, it has a bigger brother. And it’s not exactly sanguine at the moment.
*And all the stuff you didn’t read on WE.

1 I remember seeing Miyamoto, at one E3, practically chasing Ancel into a room at Ubi’s booth, no doubt for some sort of game design rendezvous, around the time Rayman 2 was being shown–I liked to pretend that they were giving birth to the 3D platformer to end all 3D platformers–asexually, of course–but it wasn’t meant to be, alas!

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  1. Sam
    05/29/2010 at 19:45

    20% Unemployment, rising to something like 40% in the under 25s (i.e. the ones that don’t have barely productive, public sector non-jobs). Spain really is fucked.

    • ECM
      05/29/2010 at 20:23

      Yeah, it is not a pretty situation and I really wonder how Europe (or at least the Euro-based states) can continue to cope with this–especially after Greece. (The UK, I think, is going to be at least semi-insulated from this since they didn’t go ‘all-in’ on Europe, i.e. ditching the pound for the Euro, but it’s just a lousy situation for pretty much everyone, including those of us in the US & Canada.)

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