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Stuff You May Have Missed Yesterday

Legend of Zelda: Strange Voice by マサ (masa)

*Disney (and Warren Spector) may have made a grave error in listening to the Internet about the graphics in Epic Mickey.
*Bullet-proof vests and nightvision goggles: tools of the terrorist trade? Nah, just the latest in humanitarian aid!
*Rare re-brands and manages to, somehow, become more generic.
*Hey McCartney: why don’t you go back to being irrelevant rather than telling our media how to deal with our president? Deal?
*Relax: game that was never that good to begin with is still getting a sequel.
*A pathologist, a jar of formaldehyde and Einstein’s brain hit the road…and that’s not even the start of a joke.
*Star Wars Clone Wars MMO: You know, for kids?
*No kidding: one of your tentpole pictures is Prince of Persia and you’re surprised box office is way down? Knock me over with a time-traveling dagger.
*First (?) footage from the Wii rev of Dragon Quest: Monster Road Victory Battle.
*Oh Canada: coming soon to another North American country near you.
*DSiLL (XL in the West) gets three more colors you probably won’t want to buy. Hey Nintendo: how about black! And white!
*We can all relax about that spill now: James Cameron is on the scene. No, really: he’s there to help plug the hole. Really. (I know, I’m kinda shocked/stunned/sickened that it’s come to this.)
*Would you believe Culdcept DS got another update? We need to get these guys on that non-existent manned Mars space program when they’re done–they get results!
*Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want no f*cking part of this, New York!
*And all the stuff you didn’t read on WE.

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  1. 06/02/2010 at 12:08

    I read that Healthcare article and enjoyed what I read for the most part. That is, until I hit this line:

    “But change may come slowly. Universal healthcare is central to Canada’s national identity, and decisions are made as much on politics as economics.”

    Right, wait, uh, no, it’s not.

    “It’s an area that Canadians don’t want to see touched,” said TD’s Burleton. ”

    Yay! This guy should win an award for stating the obvious. No one wants their foundations touched or messed with. Look how pissed off you guys are over Obamacare.

    “Essentially it boils down the wishes of the population. But I think, from an economist’s standpoint, we point to the fact that sometimes Canadians in the short term may not realize the cost.”

    Finally, something good to take from all this. The quote above speaks of a horrific truth here in Canada. We’re all too stupid and ignorant to truly know and understand what is going on around us. Being fed information via the 6 o’clock news is, and never has been, a good way to educate oneself on the politics of economic spending.

    My mom has been waiting too long for treatment, which is BS imo, and has instead opted to go for private care. Luckily I live in Camerica (Alberta), where that option is available to us.

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