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Great Ape Menaces Anguished Pre-Plumber & His Lady Faire Anew

dk remake
Mario, before he had his name legally changed from Jumpman

Although Pauline now looks suspiciously like Paper Mario Peach and that Mario sprite looks for all the world like one you might have seen Super Mario All-Stars, this is still a pretty neat-o, ground-up, remake of the ultra-classic Donkey Kong1.

The only real downside is there is most certainly something ‘off’ with the jump mechanics since it really seems like I have to jump very early when on the run to clear a barrel (his launch trajectory seems too flat) and this needs to be fixed before it’s given a wholly-meaningless thumbs-up from me.

That said, I have no idea where to find the creator of this little update/remake (the Kong fairy was nice enough to pass this along and he didn’t say from whence it spawned), but it’s pretty cool and if someone would like to claim paternity I would gladly give credit whee it is due.

In the meantime, however, you can grab it right here.

1 Sorry, I’m not linking this one: if you don’t know what Donkey Kong is you should leave this blog now, never to return, banished one!

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