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In Other Geek News…

Dark Horizons has the latest pics of Captain America and Thor, in their film incarnations:


Cap looks pretty solid–certainly better than I was expecting/dreading given some comments on the matter in the past revolving around Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans, the Human Torch from the horrid Fantastic Four movies) being ashamed of the suit, plus Hollywood’s desperate need to downplay the America part of Captain America by titling his film The First Avenger: Captain America. (International box office, apparently, being far more important than getting it right.)

But, as a long-time, old school, super-huge, Thor fan (Walt Simonson 4 Life!), I have to say that this costume isn’t quite right and in silly ways: for one, his arms should just be bare and I pray the helmet or some sort of headgear pops up at some point because Hemsworth (Kirk’s Dad on the most-recent Star Trek film) just looks terribly-unbalanced without it. (Forget the fact that he looks like he needs to gain another 50 lbs. of muscle and grow about a foot.)

Still, maybe Marvel will finally get another one right since I’m firmly of the opinion that only the first Iron Man was really any good as a film. (I like the first two Blades a lot, but I don’t really count those as he isn’t a proper superhero.)

Full disclosure: I’m a much bigger DC guy than Marvel, but Simonson’s Thor is one of the best–if not the best–story arcs in comic history.

  1. kog3100_edw
    06/03/2010 at 12:56

    Its like their afraid of proper headgear for both.
    The Ultimates look like they may be the overriding influence here, though I see some of the newest Marvel Universe Thor suit in the covered arms.

    They may not be able to get either hero as buff as they actually are in the comics, but they really need to consider some CG-enhancement for Thor. At 6ft6in and 300+ pounds it might be more than you can expect to find a real guy for that… but if he is going to be with other Avengers, particularly if Cap is the canonical 6ft2in 240lbs, you’re going to need ‘enhancement’ to make Thor look correctly ‘beyond human’.

    This is probably more than I should be seeing too, you bastard.

    • ECM
      06/03/2010 at 13:00

      Don’t forget: Thor would routinely go toe-to-toe w/ the Hulk–next to that CGI monster he’s going to look about as big as Tim Roth…this is a big no-no.

  2. kog3100_edw
    06/03/2010 at 13:07

    Exactly. I think Thor is going to need some CG help a la dwarfs and halflings in LOTR… but obviously going in the opposite direction!

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