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It Must Have Been All Those Laps In The Pool

jobs house
Steve Jobs calls this a unique fixer-upper opportunity

This is probably one time where Steve Jobs wishes he had just kept his mouth shut1:

Family claims 28-year-old man died of exhaustion, while Apple’s Steve Jobs claims the factory is “not a sweatshop”.

The death joins a series of ten recent suicides at the Taiwan-based company’s Shenzhen factory, which assembles consumer electronics devices including Wii, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad and PS3.

Reports suggest the dead man’s family claims that he had been suffering from shortness of breath and collapsed following a 34-hour shift.

For those that missed it, Jobs said that this particular factory isn’t a sweatshop because it has wonderful amenities like a swimming pool. And plenty of time off. Forever.

1 Yeah, right.
2 But not a game journo: they have better things to do than bite the hand that feeds them.

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  1. Wanderer(forgot pass)
    06/03/2010 at 08:56

    We all have blood of asian people in our hands, be from an old G.I Joe figure, a video game console or a pair of nike sneakers.

    • ECM
      06/03/2010 at 09:32

      Perhaps, but it’s one thing to surmise it; quite another thing entirely to condone/excuse it when it becomes painfully obvious.

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