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PSA: Free Dr.Who Adventures For UK Only…Or Is It?

Who’s the man? I am.

You like Dr. Who? You like free games? You want to download the new Dr. Who Adventures game for free but it’s only available to those in the UK? Sounds like you might have a problem:

The eagerly awaited (well, by me) first episode of the new Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, from the creators of the excellent Broken Sword series of adventures, is now available to download for free from the BBC website. This first episode, City of the Daleks, involves the Doctor’s infamous arch-enemies taking over London in an alternate 1963 (the year the series started!) before travelling to the Dalek planet of Skaro, which makes its first appearance in the new run of Doctor Who.

There is a catch, however. As feared, the episode is only available in the UK. The episode will be available in countries outside the UK, but not until July – and they won’t be free.

This just betrays a complete lack of imagination on the part of the poster, imagination that we, here at WE, have in spades (or Daleks or some other limey-centric colloquialism):

1. Go here.
2. Enter http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/theadventuregames/download/cityofthedaleks into the search box.
3. Download your semi-illicitly-acquired, free!, copy of Dr. Who Adventures.
4. Enjoy it!2

Also: I give it by mid-day before this method is, erm, acquired, by most of the Internet, and all without even a hint of credit.1

1 Yes, this is a feeble attempt at pre-emptively shaming those of you that would abscond with this ‘trick’ without noting the source. (Yes, I know, the concept of shame to a denizen of the Internet: how quaint and anachronistic of me.)
2 Assuming it’s any good–I have no idea, because I’m almost 100% ambivalent about Dr. Who…which probably betrays a complete lack of imagination. (Though I did kinda-sorta enjoy it long, long ago when Tom Baker was the doc and I always liked the weirdo theme song. Oh, and “Eldred must live!”

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